How to feel at ease during your photoshoot

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If you’re anything like us, being in front of the camera can sometimes feel nerve-wracking. Whether it’s for a professional photoshoot, a special occasion, or just capturing memories, feeling comfortable and at ease is crucial for getting the best shots. We know how it feels and we’ve been helping oodles of clients feel comfortable in front of the lens for years, so here are some tips to help you feel relaxed and confident during your next photoshoot:

Communicate with your photographer:

First up, before the photoshoot begins, take some time to chat with your photographer. Discuss your concerns, preferences, and any ideas you have in mind. A good photographer will make an effort to understand your needs and create a comfortable environment for you to work in.

At Surrey Social Stock, we spend a good amount of time before you even get here checking in with you regarding the kind of images you are after. During this process, we ensure that we listen to your thoughts and worries and help you set a positive mindset to enjoy the shoot day.

Trust us, we know how anxious getting in front of the lens can make you feel, so all our shoots are relaxed and fun, allowing you to get the most out of the experience.

young woman in a white jacket laughs during a headshot shoot with surrey social stock photography
a woman in sports jacket leans against a window during a personal brand photo shoot in surrey

Wear comfortable clothing:

The most common question we get asked prior to a shoot is ‘What should I wear?’ To which the simple answer is – wear something comfortable.

Luckily, Sara has been a professional stylist as well as a photographer for the last 18 years, so we totally have your back when it comes to making you look your best on the day.

Choose outfits that make you feel confident and comfortable. Avoid clothing that is too tight or restrictive, as it may make you feel self-conscious. Instead, opt for clothes that allow you to move freely and express yourself.

Having said that, it’s good to wear form fitting clothing. The camera shows you off best when it can see your silhouette, so anything too voluminous or hippy will not shoot well. 


Once you’ve booked a photoshoot with us, we take our time to work with you on the kind of imagery you are after. We use vision boards to brainstorm styles, outfits and also poses that would suit your brand or your business. Over the years we’ve found this such a useful tool to all get on the same page prior to shoot day so that we can deliver those images with the elevated authenticity that we are renowned for.

If you have the time or the inclination, you can always road test some different poses in front of a mirror before the photoshoot. Experiment with angles, facial expressions, and body language to find what works best for you. But don’t worry if that doesn’t work for you, as during the shoot we direct you into effortlessly easy poses to capture you at your best.

Feeling confident in your poses will help you shine during the shoot.

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a silver haired woman lies amongst fashion magazines during a personal brand photography shoot in guildford

Focus on your breathing & Visualise success:

Although we put in a lot of pre-shoot work to ensure you feel at ease as soon as you cross the threshold for shoot day, there’s a lot to be said for having a few self care tricks up your sleeve on the day itself to steady the nerves along the way.

If you start to feel nervous during the photoshoot, take a moment to focus on your breathing. Deep, slow breaths can help calm your nerves and centre your mind. Remember to exhale any tension or stress with each breath.

Take a moment to visualize yourself looking confident and radiant in the photos. Imagine the shoot going smoothly and envision yourself having fun in front of the camera. Positive visualization can help boost your confidence and ease any pre-shoot jitters.

By following these tips, you can feel more at ease and confident during your next photoshoot.

Remember that your photographer is there to capture your best moments and make you look your best. Trust in their expertise and guidance, and try to relax and enjoy the experience. Trusting the process will allow you to focus on being present and fully enjoying the moment.

With a positive mindset and preparation, you can shine in front of the camera and capture beautiful memories that you’ll cherish for years to come.

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