5 iPhone Photography Tips

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5 iPhone Photography Tips

We get asked all the time about how to take a good photo with a phone, so we thought we’d knock up a quick post with 5 iPhone photography tips and tricks which will help you get the best out of that amazing camera you carry around all day in your pocket.

These days the cameras on our phones are super hi-tech, but if you haven’t poked around in your settings, you may be missing a trick or two. Before we dig into some tips – a blindingly obvious good plan is to make sure your camera lens is clean!

The first of our 5 iPhone photography tips is that we always recommend turning your grid on in your camera settings. Photographers love the aesthetic loveliness of the Rule of Thirds… which basically means it’s a compositional tool to frame your subject and helps direct your viewers’ gaze to the main focal point of your image. If there’s a subject in your image that lines up with one of the thirds on your grid (remember the rule of thirds), your eye is instinctively drawn to it before your brain allows you to explore the rest of the image.

To turn your grid on – head to Settings > Camera > Turn on Grid.

Head to Settings > Camera > Turn on grid to turn your iPhone camera grid on.

From left to right Clare Walpole Photography , Colette Clegg Art , The Universal Soul Company all captured using gorgeous natural light from a window.

Next up, in our 5 iPhone photography tips, let’s think about light. It can make or break an image, and good lighting means everything to a photographer. We are natural light fans and will always look for a spot to shoot that’s out of harsh sunlight. Golden hour is, of course, a fab time to capture anyone at their best, but don’t discount cloudy flat light days, which are also great for soft lighting. If you’re shooting indoors, make use of the gorgeous soft light you can get from a window.

Your iPhone has an exposure slider which you can adjust by tapping on the phone – a yellow box appears with a sun & slider bar to the right of it. Move the slide bar up or down with your finger to play with different exposure settings for your shot.

Third up, let’s think about leading lines and creating a little depth of field. Leading lines are manmade or natural lines which lead the viewer’s eye in and around the photograph. It gives your image that added depth of field and helps your viewer explore the whole scene…once you start noticing leading lines, trust me, you won’t be able to stop! Look for roads, paths, tracks, rivers, fences and architectural lines.

Once you’ve found your leading line, place your subject somewhere along the line, pressing your finger on them on your phone so that the yellow focal box appears and the camera understands that’s where your focal point is. Extra points if you pop your subject somewhere on a grid line for our rule of thirds trick.

For the fourth of our 5 iPhone photography tips, we’re going to throw all those rules in the air and suggest you change your perspective. There’s nothing more banal than the same old same old insta shots, so let’s have a think about shooting from different angles, using negative space, looking for reflections and shadows and creating a little intrigue.

Shooting from unusual angles makes your subject stand out. Try shooting above or below your subject – I can’t tell you the number of times we end up actually lying on the floor to get the ultimate shot!

Finally, one of our best tips is to keep it simple. Don’t overcomplicate. Often a single subject with a plain background says oodles more than a busy image.

Try to eliminate any distractions in the frame when you’re composing your image. We call it policing the frame – check to avoid that classic shot where something in the background looks like it’s coming out of your subject’s head. A simple shot can make a powerful impression in this super disposable era when we are being bombarded with images and messaging thousands of times throughout the day. Cut through the noise with a minimal yet memorable shot.

Need more help with your photography?

If you’ve clocked all these tips and still feel like you could use a little professional help with your photography for your business or social content – then we’ve got your back.

a woman takes a picture of her subject during a personal branding photography shoot in guildford

In just 2-3 hours, we can provide you with a bank of beautiful imagery which will give you a full season of posts on your social content. The images are not only on brand for your business, but having that content bucket of images to hand takes the angst out of worrying about what you’re going to post each day.

Your gorgeous new images will help to elevate your online presence, attract more of your ideal customers and clients and ultimately lead to more sales.

To learn more about our packages and services, head to our info page here.


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