Capturing the brand story with product photography.


a woman in her art studio displaying her work during a personal brand photography shoot in guildford

Capturing the brand story with product


woman smiles at the camera wearing a leopard print dress

Capturing personal

brand stories with



Artist Colette Clegg

One of the client journeys we’ve enjoyed most recently has been that of artist Colette Clegg. She has really embraced the art of personal branding photography to help her refresh her social media imagery

When it came to a solo show featuring a new collection of her paintings recently at The Russell Gallery in Putney, we were there to help. We used our product photography nous to capture her unique art so that she had the right hi-res resources to help promote her exhibition and attract new clients.

“Chaos is interesting, order is boring”

Colette Clegg
a young woman holding a basket of vegetables from her garden during a personal brand photography shoot in guildford

An Irish artist based in the UK, Colette is known for her bold approach to painting, including working with rich colours, varied textures, lively handling of paint and a free method of application.

Growing up on a farm in Ireland she was initially inspired by the nature and animals around her. Now based in Surrey she continues to hone her skills with a thriving art portfolio which we totally love.

Our product photography comes to the rescue

We were lucky enough to help Colette in the run-up to her new show as she called us up to shoot her paintings before they headed off up to the Russell Gallery… from the shoot, Colette was able to use the images for all her associated marketing and promotion for the show, from website imagery to leaflets, direct mail and social media posts.


To see more of Colette’s artwork click here.


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