4 Reasons Why You Need a Personal Brand Photoshoot

Personal brand photography

Are you ready for your personal brand photoshoot?

Is it time for a personal brand photoshoot? If you’re anything like me, you hate being in front of the lens (yes it’s a common photographer phobia!). But if you are really itching to get your business to that next level and connect on a personal front with your clients then needs must and a personal brand photoshoot needs to get on your to-do list pronto! With that in mind, I thought I’d walk you through why sometimes it pays to be brave and step in front of the lens now and then.

woman sits at her office desk with interior design samples

Knowing when it’s time for an update…

Often the inspo behind taking the plunge and signing up for a personal brand photoshoot is that your brand imagery has started to look a little lacklustre and your headshots are so dated that they still have people believing your fresh out of school. Timing-wise – with a new season upon us, now is the perfect time to start thinking about attracting more clients to your website and getting more social on social media through a brand refresh, so here are 4 reasons why your business will benefit from personal brand photography.

a woman looks at samples in her interior design studio during a personal brand photography shoot in guildford


Personal brand photography isn’t just about your products and services, it’s about the story behind them and the story behind you. For people to fall in love with what you offer, they want a glimpse of the real you behind your brand. That’s where personal brand photography becomes your superpower – it really shows off the authentic you and brings your brand to life.

Imagine how easy your social scheduling would be if you had a bank of bespoke branded imagery at your fingertips which you could just pop up on your feeds and website at the drop of a hat to keep your customers inspired and engaged.

Right: A personal brand photoshoot for Birchcroft @birchcroftuk

a woman holding a basket of fresh tomatoes during a personal brand photography shoot in surrey


The essence of personal brand photography is to capture the authentic you in action – at Surrey Social Stock Photography we love this kind of photoshoot the most. If you’re a maker just think of how many ways you could spin social media stories out of images of you at work? If you offer a service, imagine how much more approachable your offering will be if people have seen imagery of you on your website or social platforms capturing the essence of what you do best.

Left: A personal brand photoshoot for artist Colette Clegg @colettecleggart

a young woman strolls down a london street holding a bunch of flowers during a personal brand photography shoot


A bank of bespoke personal brand and brand lifestyle imagery is just the ticket for boosting engagement on your social platforms. You can use the hi-res images to weave stories of your day on all sorts of platforms. Anything from Instagram posts, to blog posts, Pinterest pins, email marketing mailouts and even sprucing up your Linkedin profile.

Right: Personal brand shoot for Lisa Franklin Skincare @lisafranklinuk

a woman laughs at the camera during a personal brand photography shoot in surrey


Even if you hate being in front of the camera, choosing the right personal brand photographer means you will be gently guided and helped to feel totally at ease during your shoot – and who knows – you may even begin to enjoy it!

At Surrey Social Stock Photography, fun is at the heart of what we do. Our thorough pre-shoot prep and relaxed shoot style means you can settle into the session quickly and comfortably with a stress-free experience which we can guarantee you will enjoy.

Left: Personal branding shoot for photographer Clare Walpole @clarewalpolephotographyuk


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